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Write Your Student


If you currently sponsor a student through the University Project, we encourage you to communicate with your student through letters. Your letters are very special to your sponsored student. They provide much-needed encouragement and help your student understand that your investment in them goes far beyond money. Take a moment today to write to your student. You can download a letter-writing form, write your letter, and mail it to:

University Project Student Correspondence
Downey First Christian Church
10909 S. New St.
Downey, CA 90241

Feel free to use your own stationery–just make sure to leave room for your letter to be translated!

Or send your message in an e-mail to: mystudent@theuniversityproject.org

Student Letter FAQ

What should I write about?

Encourage your student! These years are very formative, and your student will face many challenges during their time at the university. Nothing is more helpful to your student than knowing you care. Express interest in your student's studies and ask about what's going on in their life. Emphasize your similarities.

Is there anything I shouldn't write about?

Avoid discussing material possessions--this would emphasize differences. Help us protect your privacy--please do not include your phone number, address, or other contact information anywhere in your correspondence.

Can I send my student a gift?

The University Project encourages you to send a special card or note to your student at Christmas or for their birthday. However, at this time the University Project is not equipped to provide gifts for every student in the program and we must limit gift-giving to cards and letters only (and what fits inside a letter--flat, paper items such as pictures, note cards, post cards, etc.). We cannot forward packages or over=sized envelopes as they could be confiscated by customs officials in the country where your student lives.

Can I send my student a photo?

Please do! Your student would treasure a photograph of you! They would love to "meet" you and your family through photos.

Is there anything I cannot send to my student?

We will not forward photographs, letters, or other materials that depict activities which might be considered inappropriate or offensive in another culture; might be considered a discouragement of or an attack on the student's faith and religious beliefs and practices; promotes lifestyle choices which we view as unhealthy and/or inconsistent with biblically-based lifestyles; might threaten the safety of the student in any way. We will not forward extra cash to your student. Though intended as an act of love, in other countries this could be misconstrued as an offensive or inappropriate gesture.

How often can I write to my student?

As often as you like! We encourage frequent correspondence. The more you write, the more you and your student will get to know each other.

Will my student write to me?

Yes! Your student will write you four letters throughout the year letting you know what's going on in their studies and their life.