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The Project


We want to see the students involved in the project enter the workforce and make an impact for the Lord there. We want to see these students follow after Christ, grow in their faith, and use their education to bless God and others.

The University Project provides for students accepted into the program:

  • Spiritual support through the form of one-on-one meetings with a University Project staff member to offer prayer, counsel, and encouragement
  • Financial support through a committed sponsor for each individual student
  • Educational support through monitoring students’ study conditions and offering tutoring for students who need extra assistance

Students in the program commit to:

  • Loving God and loving others at all times
  • Maintaining an active leadership role in their church during their studies
  • Using their education to glorify God in whatever career they choose
  • Maintaining a standard of excellence in their grades
  • Regularly praying for and writing to their sponsor(s)
  • Contributing however possible to another student’s education